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Parish Council Pro

Parish Council Pro

Software to meet all your finance and agenda needs

Parish Council Pro has been specifically designed for use by Parish Councils, clubs and associations. 

Parish Council Pro has three main areas;
  1. Recording of financial transactions via one easy to use screen
  2. Creation of printable Agenda's and Minutes which are then saved within the software
  3. Contact list to maintain the Councillor and members details

The programme has been built in order to give Parish Clerks and officers responsible for finance a quick and easy package which will give them all the right reports without needing to have an accounting qualification.

  • Contacts List
  • Agenda section allowing you to create agendas and minutes
  • Link agenda items to a project code which can be reported on seperately
  • Financial transaction log, allowing you to log payments and receipts via a simple page
  • Complete VAT returns
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Set up supplier and customer accounts
  • Create new bank accounts

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